Natural (Ayurvedic) Home Remedies For Eye Infection

Many people in the world are suffering from eye disease because of  Pollution in the air. And everyone has knows that, the eyes are the mirror of the world and life is incomplete without eyes.

So, Today we will discuss a ayurvedic home remedy to cure from eyes infection.
To prepare this remedy, we will need ingredients:-

  • Alum (Potassium alum) for more detail click Alum 
  • Rose-Water.
  • Glass vessel.
In Indian subcontinent alum also known as a phitkari. A white transparent solid crystal. Used in cleaning the water.Prepare the Remedy:- 

Take four grain (about 0.25919564 grams) of alum & make fine powder and then take 30 grams of rose-water and put the alum powder into rose- water. Now the lotion should be filled in a glass bottle. And that’s remedy is ready to use.

Treatment Method:-
  • Put two drops in the both eyes by dropper, use this treatment three to four times in a day.
  • This is the best remedy for pain and infection of the eyes.
Special:- If you didn't get the rose-water then you can use distilled water or boiled water.


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Sir i have spec no. -4.5 and -5 vll it get reduce by dis methid?? Plzz reply


My 4 year old son has -1.25 cylindrical power. Will this remedy work for him?? Pls reply. I am very very worried


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