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How To Cure Stuttering or Stammering Naturally

Many people in the world are suffering from stutter, and repetition is the primary problem. Stuttering or Stammering means involuntary interruption in speech by prolongation of sounds, involuntary pauses in speech or repetitions in speaking and to speak with hesitation.

It is a speech disorder in which the patient's flow of voice or speech is disrupted by any reasons like as involuntary repetitions, stuttering, delay of sound, excitement, style of speech, nervousness, anxiety, stress, shame, words or phrases.

This all things are handled by the human body and all activities of the human body are controlled by the brain or nervous system. The brain (nervous system) is responsible for the actions and reactions of the human body to run correctly.


Primary stuttering behaviors are the overt, observable signs of speech fluency breakdown, including repeating sounds, syllables, words or phrases, silent blocks and prolongation of sounds. Causes of stutter are described further.

  1. Genetic disorder.
  2. Nervousness and embarrassment.
  3. Anxiety, stress and shame.
  4. Loss of control during speech.
  5. The imbalance between muscles and nervous system.
  6. Impatient nature.

Many of the symptoms for stutter, but we are describes some of these are:-
  1. Hesitation between speaking.
  2. Repetition of words.
  3. Difficulty in starting a phrase or word.
  4. Silent blocks and prolongation of sounds.
Treatment of Stammering without Remedies

You can control and overcome fear of stuttering, speak fluently. You can also improve your nature of speak, such as - don't speak fast, do concentrate on phrase or words. You can improve your nature of speech by practicing some methods, they are: -

1. Physically and Mentally relax

In this method, you can throw the stress and don’t worry about stuttering. You should relax your body and mind, this is as meditation.

2. Stand In Front of Mirror

You can improve your speech or talking with practicing this method. in this method you can stand in front of the mirror and imagine the person in the mirror being someone else, and talking to that person with control your emotions, practice to talk in normal way, concentrate and confident when talking and speech in a flow. By this practice you can improve your speech.

3. Visualization

Imagine those words in your mind before you are going to say. by practicing it is very easy to you and is really very helpful to you.

4. Reading Books

Read books loudly, by this practice you can improve balancing of breath while talking.

5. Breathing Exercises

You can try some breathing exercises to make speech easier.
    Treatment of Stammering with Remedies

    Stammering can be cured in Ayurveda by some ayurvedic remedies. According to Ayurveda, Everything in the human body is controlled by the brain and if we be able to stimulate the functionality of brain, we can get rid from stuttering. These methods are cured stuttering in both adults and children. Here we are providing some home remedies to cure of stutter (Stammering). These are: -

    1. Brahmi Oil:
    • The Brahmi oil is very useful remedy. Take 10 ml of brahmi oil and making it warm. Thereafter leave it to become lukewarm.
    • Gently massage with this lukewarm oil on your head and leave it for half an hour. 
    • Take bath after that with warm water. This boosts the power of brain.
    • Also you can use this oil at night and wash in the next morning, this is more beneficial.
    2. Almond, Black Pepper and Sugar Candy:
    • Take 7 pieces of almond and black pepper, make a fine paste by grinding them. Add some sugar candy in this paste and lick it. 
    • By using this process daily in the early morning with empty stomach, you will get relief from the problem of stammering or stuttering. 
    • Use it regularly at least one month.
    3. India Gooseberry (Amla):
    • Indian Gooseberry (Amla) is also an effective remedy for stammering. 
    • Take a fresh green amla and eat as chewing it slowly. 
    • This is very effective remedy for children.
    4. Black Pepper with Butter:
    • Take some fine powder of black pepper and mixed it with butter. 
    • By eating this mixture daily morning, will get rid of stammering into few days.
    5. Cinnamomum Tamala:

    Cinnamomum tamala is also known as Tejpat, Malabar leaf, Indian bark, Indian cassia or malabathrum.
    • Use Indian cassia (Cinnamomum tamala) under the tongue. It will effective in cure of stammering and stuttering.
    6. Bloated Borax (Fried Borax) with Honey:

    Borax is also known as Sodium borate, Sodium tetraborate or Disodium tetraborate.

    • Take some bloated (Fried) borax and mixed it into honey, thereafter gently rub this paste on the tongue.
    • It's very effective treatment of stammering.
    7. Cassia fistula (Amaltas)

    Cassia fistula is also known as the golden shower tree.
    • Take pulp of cassia-fistula (Amaltas) and Green coriander. 
    • Grind them with water and make a very thin paste as water.
    • You can rinse daily with this mixture (water), is effective to get rid of stammering.
    8. The Cow’s Butter:
    • The Ghee (cow’s butter) is also beneficial for improving brain and memory power. 
    • Use it with foods.
    Special Advise: - You should be used these remedies at least two months for getting results. Hoping, it will be helpful for you.


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