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Triphala Powder - A Cure For Many Diseases

Triphala - The Herb or Miracle: - Triphala is most popular medicine (herb) in indian ayurveda medicine system and has able to cure from any diseases. Triphala has one and only treatment of those diseases are occurs from imbalance of Tridosha.

Triphala is combination of Sanskrit word. Tri means three and phala means fruits, that is called as the combination of three fruits. They are Harad (Haritaki), Baheda (Bibhitaki) and Amla (Amalaki).

These three fruits and their benefits will be discussing further. Also the Sanskrit word churna refers to powder. The name of this medicine is triphala churna or triphala powder.

Triphala is the best remedy in ayurvedic medicines. According to ayurveda, proper use of triphala can cure all the diseases, which including constipation, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, melanin deficiency, eye disorder, balancing the body and other.

Our body is made by three elements Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If balanced these element then body is healthy otherwise unhealthy. So, triphala is only a remedy, which works for balancing these elements. Also triphala works as antibiotic and improve digestive system and immune system stimulation. Now the question is that - What’s the method to prepare Triphala churna?

With this we also discuss about the ingredients are used to make it. The most important thing is that triphala is combination of three fruits. They are:-
  • Harad or Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalans or Terminalia chebula)
  • Baheda or Bibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica)
  • Amla or Amalaki (Indian gooseberry or Emblica officinalis)
Several assumptions to determine the volume of these three ingredients in making of triphala, some ayurvedic specialists says that - Triphala is made by equal quantity of these ingredients. This is also beneficial but this isn’t an actual triphala combination.


The Actual and best combination (Ratio) of these ingredients are 1:2:4 (Haritaki : Bibhitaki : Amalaki). For example if you have 20 gram of Haritaki, then add 40 gram of Bibhitaki and 80 grams of Amalaki into it. So, keep in mind about this combination.
You should make this powder at home; it is a tonic for healthy life.

Method To Prepare The Triphala Powder
  1. First you can collect these three ingredients are discussed above.
  2. Make a fine powder of both by grinding and filtering them.
  3. Thereafter, mix them properly by given ratio. (Ratio is 1:2:4)
  4. Now, the Triphala powder is prepared and ready to use. For future use you can keep this powder into a plastic box.
Note: - You should throw the seeds of fruits before using them.

Method To Use Triphala Powder

Triphala is useful for everyone and beneficial at any stage of age. Before using it, you have to promise for avoid the bed tea. You can follow the given method to get rid of all the diseases and live long and healthy. The method is:-
First you should wake up early in the morning and rinse your mouth with water. Thereafter take Triphala powder according to age. The amount of powder is calculated as – Age * 0.12 gram in a day. For example if your age is 40, then 40*0.12 = 4.80 gram or we can say one teaspoon for a day is sufficient. One teaspoon is equals to 5 or 6 gram powder of triphala.

  • In the initial (beginning) stage you may facing diarrhea (scouring), but after some days or 2-4 days, it becomes normal. So, don’t worry about it.
  • You can eat anything after a gap of one hour after taking this remedy.
  • Keep this mixture on a safe place; protect it from rain, water and sun.
Special Method of Triphala According to Month

You can use triphala as given above method, but if possible you should use it as describing here to make more beneficial. The special methods are:-

1. Mid January to Mid March (In winter season): - Use it with one sixth (1/6) amount of Long pepper powder (Piper longum, Pippali).

2. Mid March to Mid May (In spring season): - Use it with one sixth (1/6) amount of honey and lick this paste.

3. Mid May to Mid July (In summer season):- Use it with one sixth (1/6) amount of jiggery.

4. Mid July to Mid September (In rainy season):- Use it with the one sixth (1/6) amount of rock salt.

5. Mid September to Mid November (In the autumn season):- Use it with one sixth (1/6) amount of sugar.

6. Mid November to Mid January (In hemant season):- use it with one sixth (1/6) amount of dry ginger powder.
    Triphala Kayakalp:

    Benefits from triphala, if using it from given method for twelve years. The benefits of triphala are described step by step:-
    • Get a nimble and agile body by continuous intake of triphala for one year.
    • Get rid from all the diseases by using it continuous for two years.
    • To increase eyesight rapidly, use it regularly for three years.
    • Using regularly till four years becomes a beautiful face and body.
    • Regularly intake of this up to five years makes a sharp and intelligent brain.
    • Regular intake of six years gives a substantial increase in body strength.
    • White hair turns into black again by using it for seven years regularly.
    • Regular intake of eight years makes youth from old age.
    • In the ninth year eyesight becomes faster and smallest objects can be seen properly with your eyes.
    • A regular use of ten year gets sweet and mellow voice.
    • And after eleven and twelfth year gets healthy body without any diseases.
    Special Advice:
    1. Use triphala powder as proportion to age, as given above.
    2. Avoid oily, spicy, salty and fast food while using this remedy.
    3. Eat more green vegetables, pulses and fruits.
    4. Don’t eat anything one hour after taking this remedy.
    5. By triphala you can get rid from any of the disease and it’s true.
    By using triphala, you can get rid from diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure, lung and breathing diseases, aging, eyes disorder and eyesight, hair diseases, skin, constipation, gas problem, weight disorder, asthma and many more.

    The antioxidant and antibiotic properties of this miracle remedy combination prevent aging and gives protection against various diseases including cancer.

    Special Precautions:
    • Its use is prohibited in pregnancy, fever.
    • Don't eat non-veg.
    • Don’t smoking and drinking.
    Hopefully, this will be useful to you. For any query or suggestion, you can comment.


    1. Dude you made my day. I'm searching for this info all over the internet and andariki ayurvedam magazines.
      Well I'm using triphala churna for couple of months from various brands but they are not working as expected. I can tell this because 8 years back I used the same medicine which was made by my uncle and it gave me miraculous results.
      Seems like you know a bit about this medicine so can you suggest me a good store to get a genuine medicine.

    2. Hi, actually I want to know can I soak dried amla pieces , harad and berad as it is means without grinding for overnight in earthen pot and drink that in morning.

      Is that way correct. Please guide me. My age is 25.


    3. very much thanks.. It's really very helpful .

    4. hello sir please tell me about how to use thriphala churn with cold water or hot or without water

    5. Hi...please suggest from where I can I take harad and bahera. As market churn is not successful said by sympathy...and plz tel me how long I need to take to convert my white hair in to black.

    6. Triphala juice is an incredible source of vitamins and minerals that are basic for your body to work well.

    7. Can I get haritaki, bibhitaki and amalaki in powder form? If so, can I mix it together based on the ratio? Thanks.


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