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Best Yoga and Exercises To Increase Height

Exercise and yoga are the most powerful method to gain height fast and naturally. The exercises and yoga accelerate the metabolism in the body and helps in higher secretion of the fluid of the pituitary gland. Physical exercises develop and make the body muscles strong. You can do some effective yoga poses to increase height fast.

Physical exercises and yoga are help to increase your height as well as the body muscles; yoga is very useful to controlling the body and mind. Yoga has a proven key or method to live healthy from ancient time. It has to be very useful as an alternative medicine for any disease.

Yoga is the physical, mental exercises which used to stimulating (transforming) the body and mind and as well as body hormones. With yoga you can control the body and mind.

Therefore, wake up and use these healthy techniques to live long without diseases. You can follow these effective exercise and yoga techniques to increase your height.


Exercises helps to grow your muscles and make the bone structure strong. Physical exercise always gives positive results for healthy body. Even after that you can feel agile and fit body. To grow your height naturally, you should follow these exercises to get effective results. They are -

1. Stretching

Stretch means strain. It is a physical exercise; in this exercise you can do a seated, forward bend stretching position. Also you can do some warm-up exercises to get relief the body muscles. This is very effective for strong your body muscles and grows your bones structure.


2. Hanging with Hands

It is also called as body-weight exercise or pushes up and pulls up. In this section many kinds of the hanging exercises are available; you can do some exercises regularly to get effective results. The chin ups also includes in this section, it helps to stronger your body muscles and bones.


3. Swimming

swimming is an exercise, spot and entertainment. Swimming is effective to develop the body structure in a proper way. So, you should become a swimmer to grow your body naturally.

4. Bicycling

Bicycling is an effective way to boost your body hormones; it’s an energizer for our body and muscles. Those people, who have been bicycling daily at least 20 to 30 minutes, are live as fresh mind and body. It accelerates the body hormones and maintains the physical fitness.


Yoga is the traditional and ancient medicine science of India. Yoga can helps to generate positive energy in your body. It activates the body tissue and works for developing them. Yoga generates the positive energy in the body.

You can follow these effective yoga and stretching exercises are mentioned below -

1. Mountain pose

It is very simple and effective yoga poses, in this yoga pose, you have to stand freestyle and raise up both hands and stand on force of your legs fingers (as shown in figure). Thereafter bend backwards with hands and then once again come to your actual position.


In this yoga poses, first take up both your hands with breathing in and stand on your toes for some time. Keep both hands up and pull your body upwards and stay for awhile. Then breathe out slowly and bring it to normal position. You can do this posture 10 to 15 times in a day.

2. Tadasana (Tree pose)

It is also called as vrikshaasana. It is similar to mountain posture. In this yoga pose, you have to stand freestyle and it is an ideal posture to lengthen and straighten your spine to increase the height.


3. Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend Pose

In this yoga poses, you can sit straight with tall your feet, then slowly bend your head and hands down parallel to your legs. Keep this position for 30 second and then comes again on first position. You should do this posture at least 5 times in a day.


4. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Bhunhangasana is the position with palms and legs on the floor and the chest is lift upwards. It helps to strengthen and lengthen the spine and chest. Even it makes stronger shoulders and relieves stress and fatigue.

This is an effective posture to increase your height. You should follow this posture and grow your height rapidly.

5. Chakrasana or Wheel Pose

This is also called as upward facing bow pose. In this yoga posture, keep your hands and feet on the floor. You can make a position which is given below picture. You can try this posture 5 to 10 times in a day.


6. Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

In this yoga posture first lies down on the belly, hold the feet with hands and make a shape of a bow. This is an effective yoga posture to strengthen your spine with muscles. It also works for accelerate the metabolism activity and increase the hunger.


7. Padahastasana or Hand Under Foot Pose

In this posture, hands are stretch down under the feet. This yoga posture helps to increase the spinal structure and stimulate the pituitary gland hormones. You can make a position as below image.


8. Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

In this yoga posture, you should make a triangle. This posture is divided in two parts, first is right facing triangle pose and second is left facing triangle pose.


It helps to improve the flexibility of the spine and makes strong the shoulders. You can also get rid from back pain, neck pain, metabolism disorder and knees pain. This posture helps to recover from the ligaments of the arms and legs.

9. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation Pose

This is the best yoga posture ever, many of the yoga posture includes in this posture. Or we can say that it is “one to many”. Sun salutation is divided in 12 steps. The sequence of sun salutation pose is gives in the picture below, so you should follow this step by step method.


10. Warm up’s

Do warm up your body before and after these yoga postures.

Note (Caution): - If you suffering from back pain, spinal pain or any other disorder then you shouldn't try to perform these yoga poses. Also don’t try these yoga postures in pregnancy. You can try these yoga poses under the yoga trainer.

Special Advises:
  • Breathing inside when doing the yoga posture and breathing outside when you are coming back to first position.
  • Breathe inside = when performing the yoga poses.
  • Breathe outside = when come back to freestyle or first step to do again.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Try these yoga poses 10 to 12 times in a day to live healthy and fit.
  • Don’t try to perform any yoga posture when you feel uncomfortable or pain.
  • More include the milk, green vegetables and fruit in your diet.
Hoping that, these exercises and yoga pose will help to grow your height rapidly. You can also comments for any suggestion or advise.