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Home Remedies For Headache & Migraine

Headaches & migraines, also called cephalalgia are becoming a most common disease that affects people once or many times. It is the intolerable pain in the head or neck region; it might be a simple symptom of many other conditions of neck or head.

Headaches can be classified into three main categories are tension headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches.


Cause For Headaches & Migraines:

There can be many causes of a headache, but we are pointing some of the main and common causes for it. They are –
  • Excessive Stress, depression and tension. 
  • Physiological changes in the head or neck.
  • Stretch in muscle of head or Physical stress.
  • Genetically or by emotional Stress.
  • Lack of Proper Rest.
  • Constriction of blood vessels.
  • Abnormal activity of neurons.
  • Excessive Drinking of Alcohol and Smoking.
  • Dehydration or Lack of water in the body.
  • Environmental infections.
  • Medication Reactions.
  • Excessive sexual intercourse.
  • Excessive intake of cold food and drinks.
  • Due to Control involuntary Activities or Excrement.
  • Due to an excruciating long journey.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle also may a cause for it.
  • Other diseases such as constipation, food poisoning and nervousness are the causes for headaches and migraines. 
  • In women it may be occur due to irregularity of menstrual cycles (periods).
Usually people are used prescribe medicine or pain killer to get quickly relief without knowing the actual cause of the pain; by doing so they are expanding that disease rather than reduce. However, it may be a solution for headaches but if you suffer from a headache which is due to your lifestyle then how can end it with a pain killer.

My point is, You should found the actual reason of that, If anyone think that “How Can I ?” But according to me.. Yes, you can. Thereafter start the treatment and you will definitely get relief from headache for life long.

Home Remedies For Headaches & Migraines 

Here are several home remedies treatments to get relief form headaches, sinus headaches & migraines in a natural way.

1. Carom or Ajwain

It is also known as caraway and cumin seeds. It is an excellent home remedy to get rid from headaches. Roast some dry caraway seeds. Tie in a soft handkerchief or cotton cloth and sniff to get a quick relief from headaches.

2. Dry Ginger Powder (Sonth)

If you are suffering from migraines headaches, then try this home remedy. Roast some dried ginger powder with butter; Tie in a soft handkerchief or cotton cloth and sniff to get a quick relief from migraines headaches.

3. Almond Oil

Almond oil is the best home treatment for headaches, migraines and many more. Drop 5-5 drops of pure almond oil into nose on morning and evening to get cure from headaches, migraines, weakness, depression and many more.

4. Cinnamon

If you are suffering from headaches due to common cold then try it to get relief. Take a fresh stick of cinnamon and grind it with water to make a paste. Apply this paste to your forehead for at-least 15 to 20 minutes to get relief from headaches.

5. Cinnamon, Milk with Honey

Cinnamon is great home remedy for headaches; you can also try this method to get instant relief.

Mix two teaspoons of powdered cinnamon to one glass of milk and boil it for few minutes. Thereafter add a teaspoon of honey when it become lukewarm, mix it thoroughly and drink it. Apply this method twice in a day to get cure from headache.

6. Apple

Apple is best fruit that works to reduce acidic level as well as boos the metabolism in the body. Eat an apple with a spice mixture made by salt and black pepper. Apple is more beneficial when eat in the morning.

7. Rosemary

Rosemary is best to treat headache; it have the anti-inflammatory properties that works to cure from headache. If you are troubling with a headache then massage your head or neck with rosemary oil to get relief.

Or Grind some flowers and leaves of rosemary in water to make a thin paste. Apply the paste on your forehead for at least 15 minutes to get relief from a headache.

8. Hot & Cold Compress

Hot and cold compress helps to regulate the blood flow in a proper way. Apply a hot or cold compress to your forehead and neck to get instant relief from headache.

9. Basil

Basil is the great herb tree helps to treat with headaches. Massage with basil oil on your forehead and neck to get relief from a headaches due to stretch in muscles.

Or you can drink a basil tea - Put some fresh basil leaves in a cup of boiling water or in tea. Drink it when it becomes lukewarm. Try it to get quick relief from headaches.

10. Peppermint-Oil or Mint-Oil

Peppermint oil is great supplement to promote blood flow and quickly reduce the pain of a headache.

Massage peppermint oil on to your forehead and neck. Or you can smell the oil for a few minutes to get relief from headaches. Peppermint oil works as inhaler to treat headache that helps to regulate blood flow in the body.

11. Ginger

Ginger is the natural wonder herb; it has antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal and anti inflammation properties that reduces infection and constriction of blood vessels and cure from a headache.

Add some crushed ginger and basil leaves into a cup of boiling water; therein add some milk and sugar. Drink it after it becomes lukewarm. Do this method thrice or three times in a day to get relief from any kind of headaches.

12. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an excellent remedy for headaches and migraines; try it to get relief from headaches.

Put 3-4 drops of lavender oil in a cup of boiled water and inhale its vapor. Repeat this method 3 to 4 times a day to get permanent relief from headache. You can also apply it on to forehead and neck as massage oil; but remember it is use for external only.

Some Natural Ways To Treat with Headaches & Migraines:

1. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to stay hydrate.

2. Avoid foods such as junk food, oily and salty food and fast foods; and beverages like coffee and tea. Avoid them if they give you a headache.

3. Get plenty of rest and enough sleep to stay away from headaches.

4. Try some physical exercises and yoga to get healthy and fit body.

5. Do meditation to rehabilitation or relaxing of mind and body.

6. Eat healthy and nutrition foods and beverages such as fresh fruits juice, green vegetables and salad, milk, grains and many more.

7. Avoid alcohol and smoking.

8. Morning walking is best for health.

9. Live cool, calm and happy to stay away from stress and depression.

10. If more troubling then consult with a doctor.

Finally hopping that, these given remedies and natural treatments will helpful to get rid from any kind of headache and migraines.


  1. Very well explained about Migrane. Its really useful. Thanks for writting such nice and informative and useful article. Do's and Don'ts are really helpful. Other than going with the Doctor's advice I do Yoga and meditation to avoid all stress related problem.Everyday morning I start my day with yoga then light few Cycle incense sticks and start meditating. Yoga and meditation helps a lot for the people who is suffering in chronic headache. Try and let me know if it is useful.


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