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Home Remedies For Weight Gain

Body structure indicates the health of a person. It is necessary to remain healthy, body weight should be according to BMI or it should be proportional to your height. A proper weight is the key to stay healthy and fit.

Underweight and overweight both are the health disorders. But the obesity is become a most common health disorder. The word weight loss is quite comfortable for listen because it became a trend; everyone wants to lose their weight.

Weight gain is shocking news for many people because they have faced this kind of situation. These all the conditions occur due to sedentary lifestyle and insufficient nutrition. Underweight is a situation like weakness; it may be harmful to your overall health.

Underweight may be caused by excessive stress, digestive disorder, lack of sleep or rest, genetic or hormone imbalance, lack of nutrition’s, unhealthy food and diet, chronic diseases and excessive physical activities.


Proper nutrition diet and healthy foods can help you gain weight easily. Also several simple but effective home remedies can help you gain weight. There are some home remedies that help to get rid of underweight.
Home Remedies for Weight Gain

These given remedies have been used as traditional medicines by Ayurveda. Usually, Ayurvedic remedies do not have any side effects; but we are recommended to take them after consulting doctor. Here are the Home remedies for weight gain.

1. Raisins with Milk

Raisins are the best natural supplement for proper nutrients, also rich source of fatty acid that really helpful to weight gain. Raisins are natural supplement that easy to available in the market from any grocery shop.

Eat about 10-12 raisins in a day and after eat, drink a cup of pure milk. Do this method at least for a month. It should be better that you can eat and drink milk before you go to sleep. This is the best natural way to gain weight easily.

2. Banana & Milk

Banana is one of the fruit that have rich source of calories, carbohydrate and potassium that works as energizer of our body. If you want to gain weight then you should eat a banana in the morning with a cup of milk every day about a month to get fully benefits.

3. Clarified Butter with Sugar

Clarified butter is the best source of saturated fat and calories, so it would be gives best result to weight gainers. You can use this combination as follows -

Take a teaspoon of clarified butter and sugar, mix them well. Eat this mixture aproximiate 30 minutes before your meal on an empty stomach. Regularly do this method for about a month, will gives you shocking results.

4. Eggs

Eggs are also a good source of calories, fat and protein. Eggs are the best supplement for those people who wants to increase their weight. The protein in eggs gives the body to strengthen the muscles, and fat provides energy supplements.

Eat the white part of four eggs daily, you can also boil and eat them. After eat drink a glass of milk is more beneficial and gives tremendous results. You can also eat eggs food like amlet and other eggs supplements to gain weight. But remember do not eat raw eggs, it would be harmful to our body.

5. Nuts

Nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and flax seeds, cashews, walnuts, raisins and figs are the best source of calories, fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You can eat 5-6 nuts everyday in the morning with a glass of milk to have a better result.

6. Figs

Figs are the natural supplements of fats, nutrients, carbohydrate and calories that will help you to gain weight naturally at home.

Soak 5-6 dried figs in glass of water overnight. The next day, eat them in two times in a day (as like one part in the morning and second part in the evening or in the night). Do this procedure daily for about a month. You can also use this method with milk instead of water.

7. Afternoon Sleep or Nap

Take a short nap on every afternoon for about 45 minutes to an hour. This will not only gain your weight but also rest your body to keep happy and calm. This is the best way to gain weight easily.

8. Potatoes

Potatoes are a rich supplement of carbohydrates and complex sugars. You can easily gain your weight by using potatoes in your daily diet. You can make recipes of potato to make testy.

9. Mangoes with Milk

Mangoes are the king of the fruits; this is rich source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Mangoes are free of sodium, cholesterol and fat. The useful elements of body to gain weight is, the fructose are stores the body from the mangoes.

So, you should be used mango with milk as juice, or even eat mango and then drink the milk about to a month. You definitely gain your weight. Or in easy words, Simply drink a mango milkshake twice daily for a month.

10. Almond Milk

Almonds are the rich sources of calories, fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You can soak 5-6 almonds in the night, peel off and grind them with milk (1 cup milk) to make a paste. Drink this almond milk daily for about a month to get some dramatic results. This is the best combination to gain weight easily and have a fresh mind everyday.

Try these top ayurveda home remedies to make your life easier and full of joy. You can also comments to any suggestion or queries about these remedies.

Healthy Tips

1. De-stress your life, make your life stress free using yoga or meditation.
2. Stay hydrate and drink 10-12 glass of water every day.
3. Take proper and enough sleep to maintain your mind and body.
4. Regular exercise and workout make your body fit and muscles strong.
5. Keep calm and lives happy in any moment or situation to live healthy.


  1. Over weight and very low weight people should follow the given remedies to resolve.


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