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Top 5 Natural Home Remedies For Diabetes

Diabetes has become a most painful disease in all over the world; thousands of people are suffer from diabetes and they have spent a big amount of money to get rid from it but didn't get the desire results.

Nevertheless, Many of the people believes on the pathological and other treatments method; it should be OK...But the mistake is, we are totally forget the natural Ayurveda science of medication.

Top 12 Natural Remedies & Herbs to Cure Diabetes


Natural Home Remedies For Diabetes

Here we are discussing about some natural home remedies are excellent to treat from both types of diabetes.

(1). Dalia, Oatmeal (Bulgur or Porridge)

It is the best recipe or treatment to removal of the diabetes: Here the question is what is Porridge, oatmeal (Bulgur or Dalia)? Dalia is the Hindi word used for broken or crushed cereals (grains).

Very first we are discuss about the Main ingredients to make the porridge (Dalia), they are-
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Pearl millet or Bajra. (more info about Pearl Millet)
  • Mung Beans. (Also known as Green gram or golden gram, Mung or Moong bean).
Note: You should be crushed and broke cereals or ingredients except of mung for making of the bulgur or Dalia.

Method To Make Ground for Dalia: - Take 500 grams of all these food grains and make a bulgur or daliya by broken or crushed them & thereafter, bake these broken and crushed cereals.You can also add 20 gram of Ajwain (Ajowan or carom seeds) and 50 gram of White sesame into this mixture. Now, the Dalia or Porridge is ready to use.

Method To Make A Simple Dalia Recipe

How to Use: - Take 50 gram of dry Dalia put into 400 grams of water and cooked it.You can use pressure cooker to cook it. Thereafter, you can add salads, spices, sauce, vegetables and salt to making tasty.Eat it slowly when becomes lukewarm with proper chewing.

(2). Guava

Guava is the rich source of vitamin C; it is a high fiber content. Include this beneficial fruit into your daily routing diet. It is the best fruit to control blood sugar level and get relief from diabetes.

Remember that peel of the skin before consumption; the guava skin is increase the blood sugar level. So you have to care about it.

(3). Honey

Honey is the best substitute of sugar for you. If you want sugar into your tea and coffee then it is best ingredients to use. Honey is best energizer for human body. Add a teaspoon honey with tea or coffee to make it tasty.

(4). Green Tea

Green Tea is an effective remedy that helps to reducing the blood sugar level. It is also reducing the insulin level and gets relief from diabetes.

(5). Physical Exercise

One of the most things is exercising. Physical exercise is plays an important role for a diabetic patient. If diabetic patient have do exercise and walking daily for an hour then he seems the noticeable improvements into their blood sugar level. So you must include exercise and walking in daily routine to get cure from diabetes.

Special Advice:

1. Use fenugreek seeds and Indian gooseberry to control blood sugar level.
2. Aloe Vera and cinnamon also beneficial herbs to treat from diabetes.
3. Stay cool and happy to live healthy.
4. Avoid fast and junk foods.
5. Avoid harmful beverage like alcohol.

Learn How Fenugreek Seeds Effective in Diabetes

These natural remedies are safe and effective to treat from diabetes; you can try them to reducing blood sugar level and live healthy.


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