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How To Make Amla Juice Naturally At Home

Amla/ Gooseberry is the excellent herbal fruit. It is the rich source of iron and Vitamins; especially Vitamin C. Even also it has antioxidants that provide necessary enzymes to out body to fight with many diseases.

Regular consumption of amla juice helps in dizziness, physical weakness; prevents from graying of hair, Improve eyesight, skin glow, beneficial in hair growth, proper digestion and even it is best content to make healthy and fit body.

Amla is the seasonal fruit; the season of amla in between December to April. You can make amla juice at once and preserve it to use when needed. To prepare the juice you have to need 1 kg fresh Amla/Gooseberry.


You may need these ingredients to make juice at home.

1. Fresh Amla 1 kg.
2. Double folded clean cotton cloth.
3. Sodium Lactate (If you want to preserve this juice for a long time).

Method To Prepare Gooseberry Juice At Home

Take 1 kg fresh Amla and wash them with clean water. Then cut gooseberries into small pieces and take out the seeds as shown in below figure.


Now put as many small pieces as you can into a grinder or mixing jar to make a paste. Then take a clean double folded cotton cloth and put this paste into it. Wrap the cloth and squeeze it tightly with your hand to extract out the juice in a bowl. Thereafter keep the remaining pulp in a plate.

Now Repeat this same procedure for remaining pieces and take out the juice from it. You can get approximately 600 grams of juice from 1 kg amla.  You can refrigerate the juice in a bottle or jar and best use of this juice for 15 days.

Best Use of Remaining Pulp

You can also use the remaining pulp as you want otherwise throw out these pulp. If you want to use then dry them into shade; Grind these dried pulp to make a fine powder. Soak 2 teaspoons of this powder into water and leave it overnight. wash your hair with this water in morning to prevents from graying of hair. or use this powder with henna on your hair to get rid from white hairs.

Method to Preserve Gooseberry Juice For a Long Time

Take a plastic container or bottle with minimum capacity of 500 ml. Take 500 ml of amla juice and fill it into this bottle or jar; then add 2 teaspoons of sodium lactate and mix well. If your quantity of juice is 1000 ml then add 4 teaspoons of sodium lactate.

By this procedure, you can preserve or refrigerate this gooseberry juice for 8 months. If you want to use natural and organic amla juice then stay tuned and do it yourself at home.


You can drink 4 teaspoons of this fresh juice daily morning on an empty stomach to get beneficial. Also add a teaspoon of honey to make it tasty.

Amla is the best effective remedy prescribes by Ayurveda for many critical diseases; and it has been using from ancient times by ayurvedic specialist to eliminate all the human disorders. Now this is your turn, try to make it and get the benefits of gooseberry.


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  4. Ohh great post. I also want make Gooseberry Juice at my home. In this post explain great that how to make Gooseberry Juice and how to preserve it and its treatments. Thank you so much for sharing.


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