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Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Completely

Dark circles are dark blemishes or dark spot around the eyes; it may be hereditary or can even be cause by excess of stress. Dark circles are also a gift by sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Let we discuss on this disorder and the causes of it.

Dark circle is a condition of discoloration of skin; it caused by improper work of blood vessels or leakage of blood underneath the skin, is classified as dark circles.

Some of the main causes for dark circles are heredity, improper work of blood vessels, dry skin, stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of healthy diet and many more. Anyone including men, women and children can have dark circles so it is a serious note that you should care about the skin.

According to Just recent medical research, dark circles are caused due to inadequate sleep or rest, working late nights, excessive intake of alcohol, working long time on computer and lack of iron & calcium. Let we need to a detailed discussion about the causes.


Cause of Dark Circles:

1. Hereditary: It is the most common causes for dark eye circle; the means that you family may have this types of disorder since long time. It is also called a genetic disorder.

2. Inadequate Sleep: Inadequate Sleep is one of the most causes for dark circle according to medical research; lack of sleep becomes a reason to damage your skin tissues or discoloration of skin.

3. Smoking & Drinking: Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol is the major causes for dark circles.

4. Sedentary Lifestyle: Sedentary culture like as working late nights, working for a long on computer or unhealthy diet and excess stress are the most common causes for it.

5. Broken Blood Vessels: Leakage of blood vessels under the skin is due to lack of rest or sleep, so be aware and have a proper sleep.

6. Chronic Disease: It can be caused from chronic disorders are anemia, asthma, infections, liver and metabolism disorders.

7. Lack of Nutrition: Less intake of proper and healthy food due to excessive work load and other reasons; is also a cause for dark circle.

8. Lack of Exercise: Without exercise the skin tissue are not maintain well and may be loss their moisture and color.

Home Remedies For Dark Circles

There are many ways to get rid of dark circles; you can intake a healthy and nutrients diet including fruit, salad, green leafy vegetables, milk and other nuts and healthy food to prevents dark circles. Also some most effective home remedies to cure from dark circles.

1. Home Remedy using Tomato, Lemon & Turmeric

Dark circle under the eyes mainly occurs due to lack of calcium and iron in our body; this remedial mixture works to eliminate them. Red ripe tomatoes are the rich source of iron and vitamin A & C. Try this remedy to get cure from dark circle.

You can make a thick paste by mix one teaspoon of tomato juice, half teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and a pinch of gram flour. Mix properly and apply it on to affected area. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with clean water. Repeat this treatment once daily for a month to get rid from it.

Another Treatment: - Mix twice amount tomato juice in proportional to lemon juice and mix well. Apply it on to affected area or whole face with the help of cotton ball. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with clean water. Repeat this remedial treatment twice daily to get rid from dark circle.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber works to restoration of skin tissues; it has astringent, antiseptic and soothing properties. It is also the rich source of vitamins and minerals. So overall it is the best herb to removing discoloration of skin.

Take a fresh cucumber and cut into thick slices; refrigerate them into the refrigerator at least for half an hour. Thereafter sleep straight and put the slices on to affected area and leave for 15 minutes. Wash with clean water (In winter, wash with lukewarm water). Repeat this procedure twice in a day at least a month to get cure from dark circles.

Alternative Treatment: - You can also extract juice of cucumber and therein add equal of lemon juice; mix well. Apply it on affected area with the help of cotton ball. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with clean water.

3. Almond Oil & Honey

Almond oil is a best supplement for the delicate skin; it works to moisturize your skin and eliminate dark circle under the eyes.

Mix equal amount of almond oil and honey. Before going to sleep, rub a few drops slowly around the eyes. Leave it overnight. It is very effective remedy and use it daily until the dark circles are disappear permanently.

4. Raw Potato

Everyone needs this useful ingredient in their kitchen without knowing its benefits. Potato is a natural bleaching agent that help to rejuvenate your discolor skin; and very effective to eliminate the dark circles under the eyes.

Grate the fresh potatoes to extract the juice. Apply it on to the affected area or over the dark circles with the help of cotton ball. Wash it off with clean water after 20 minutes. Use this treatment on a regular basis and twice in a day for at least one month to get effective.

Alternative Treatment: - If you can’t able to extract the juice. Take a fresh potato and cut into thick slices like potato chips. Put the slices on to the dark circle with closed eyes and leave for half an hour. It will effective to treat from dark circles.

5. Rose Water

Rose water is the best natural ingredient to make your skin soft and glowing. It is the best moisturizer that works to rejuvenate the skin tissues and eliminates the dark circles.

Soak cotton balls into rose water and put on to dark circle with closed eyes. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash with clean water. Repeat this procedure twice in a day at least for a month to get effective.

These are the best remedies for remove the dark circle. If you want to get rid from dark circle, the best way is eating. Seriously healthy food with proper diet is the key to stay healthy and fit.

Some effective natural way to get rid from dark circle:

1. Drink half glass of carrot juice daily is very effective to treat from dark circle.

2. Eat red ripped tomato is beneficial.

3. More include the green leafy vegetables, salad, fruits, nuts and milk into your daily diet to get effective results. Also eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.

4. Get a proper rest and sleep.

5. Live happy and calm, avoid stress.

6. Drink plenty of water daily to stay hydrate.

7. Avoid excessive make-up; it harmful for natural skin.

8. Avoid alcohol and quit smoking.

 9. Fewer intakes Tea and coffee.

10. Avoid excessive eating of oily, salty, fried, junk food and fast food.

Finally hopping, these remedies and tips will useful for your health. You can make comment for more any query or suggestion.